Download the programme from the 2017 IWKL here!

The scientific programme includes a full day of talks and posters (15th) and a full day of workshops (16th).

The first day of the programme includes a full day of talks and posters, with keynote talks, regular talks and ‘lightning’ talks, in addition to dedicated poster sessions. The second day of the programme will comprise a series of workshop sessions on key techniques in palaeontological study of fossil soft tissues, including:

  • electron microscopy (particularly transmission electron microscopy)
  • micro-CT
  • X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • experimental design
  • statistical analysis of taphonomic data
  • palaeoproteomics

These workshop sessions will have a strong practical and logistical focus, e.g. how to select appropriate specimens, sample preparation, analytical tips, pros and cons of techniques, analytical time and costs, and thus will be of particular interest as training opportunities to early career researchers.  Each workshop session will include ca. 20 minutes for open-floor discussion and problem-solving.


Confirmed keynote speakers on Day 1 of the meeting are:

Prof. Derek Briggs (Yale University)

Prof. Phil Donoghue (University of Bristol)

Prof. Bob Gaines (Pomona College, California)

Prof. Baoyu Jiang (Nanjing University)

Prof. Johan Lindgren (Lund University)

Dr Maria McNamara (University College Cork)


Confirmed speakers for the workshop on Day 2 of the meeting are:

Dr Mike Buckley (University of Manchester)

Dr Stuart Kearns (University of Bristol)

Dr Duncan Murdock (University of Oxford)

Dr Patrick Orr (University College Dublin)

Dr Imran Rahman (University of Oxford)

Dr Rob Sansom (University of Manchester)

Prof. Roy Wogelius (University of Manchester)